40n80/6x.4n80/2x28n80 .12-.13ohm Hand made by zach feenz / @feenzofficial

The New Select Vape X Feenz v2 coils have arrived! Updated specs, and now more accessories! Each pair of coils now comes with two pads of organic Japanese cotton, and a dual battery container to use when your finished with your coils! In collaboration with one of the best builders in the world, Select Vape X Feenz coils are one of the highest quality and most affordable coils money can buy!

Select Vape x Feenz Framed staple coils are 6x.4n80 ribbon, framed with 2x28ga n80, wrapped in 42ga n80, 6 wrap on a 3mm with a resistance of .11 – .13 ohms. We recommend using these coils on either a regulated device 100w or higher, or a parallel mech box. It will fire on a single 18650 mech tube, but is not recommended because of the 3mm id and at 6 wraps, it’s too much wire for a single 18650 to fire quick enough, resulting in poor performance. These coils have been proven to last a bit longer than smaller more fragile builds, due to their durability of the framed ribbon cores. Select Vape has teamed up with @feenzofficial to bring you the highest quality pre-built coils the market has to offer! Select Vape X Feenz Pre-Built coils are Handmade in the USA, and we are happy to be able to offer these coils at a unbeatable price!


-Pair of Select Vape x Feenz Pre-Built – Framed Staple

-2 pads of Organic Japanese Cotton

-Battery case