Select Vape Liquids: “The Perfect E-liquid Brand”.

Select Vape Corporation was formed in 2013. Initially our company hit the market as an “Online Retail” website (www.selectvape.com) that gained traction in the industry due to our “Custom Combo Kits”. We noticed a lack of customization and curation in the market, and decided to offer custom combo kits that included mods, RDAs/tanks, and everything else a vaper would need to start vaping at a fraction of the cost. Select Vape quickly became recognized as pioneers in the industry, and we quickly focused on growing our inventory and team to become the best online market place for vapors. Over the past few years we have built up our inventory and team to a worldwide recognized brand. Selectvape.com has become both ex-smokers and vapers’ first choice for purchasing quality vape gear. We sell everything from devices, premium ejuice, accessories, apparel, and the top industry leading brands.

Shortly after gaining traction on our website, and selling hundreds of premium e-liquid brands, we were in the perfect position to gain feedback from our customers and really figure out what vapers wanted in the “Perfect Eliquid”. We listened to our clients feedback about the premium brands we were selling, and conducted surveys over the span of 3 years. We constantly asked our clients for their feedback and opinions on the premium brands they purchases. We wanted to figure out what the perfect juice consisted of, and received detailed feedback from our 100,000+ clients over the years. We took in key components like bottle size, desired price, marketing materials, flavors, and packaging.

Select Vape was blessed to be in a position that other e-liquid companies simply didn’t have. We saw the entire vertical from both perspectives—retail and consumer , as well as manufacturer/curator. With all of this crucial information in hand, it was time to create the “Perfect E-liquid” line. We brought our ideas and market research to various E-liquid manufactures, and pitched our vision. After careful consideration, we decided to partner with Ruthless Vapors, in Ontario, CA. Arguably one of the biggest and best e-liquid manufactures in the world, Ruthless Vapors delivered all the key components of manufacturing that we needed to complete this line.

In Summer 2016 we presented all of our information, flavors, packaging, and research to Ruthless, and shortly after, Select Vape Liquids was born. For the first couple months, Select Vape Liquids was exclusively sold on our retail website. After countless phone calls, emails, and requests from various vape shops, we decided to open our product up to distributors, wholesalers, and retail shops. Select Vape Liquids is now being sold all around the world, and has gained “Best Seller” status in hundreds of vape shops worldwide.

The Perfect E-liquid:
Bottle Size (120ml)

The feedback we kept getting on bottles was that our clients wanted larger platform e-juices. The 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml bottle sizes were simply not cutting it, due to the new tanks and devices that were hitting the market. As the devices get more powerful and tanks are equipped with bigger and badder coils, the e-liquid inside the tanks doesn’t last nearly as long. This is why we decided to offer our E-liquid only in 120ml bottles. In our opinion, it is the PERFECT bottle size.


With big bottles, comes big responsibility. Another trending topic from our research was “Convenience”. Our clients stressed that the big platform bottles are the perfect size, but they wished they were more convenient on-the-go. With this in mind, we decided to include a FREE 30ml bottle in our retail packaging, so vapers could transfer their liquid into the smaller bottle, and have a convenient travel bottle to accommodate them while traveling or simply doing day to day tasks.


Curating the perfect flavors was the most crucial step to this process. Select Vape was able to ween out “Trends” and “Hype” flavors to really get to the core of what type of flavors were truly desired by vapors. We were there in 2013 when there was nothing but simple fruit flavors, and a few tobacco flavors on the market. We were there when “dessert” and “complex” flavors hit the market. We were there when hype flavors like “Chocolate Milk” and “Yogurt” and “Blueberry swirl with a hint of cinnamon, layered in maple nuts” hit the market. We would see flavors hit the market and gain insane traction. Sales would sky rocket, but within 6 months those flavors would quickly die, and the brands would move on to the next “Hype” flavor to stay relevant. We noticed that a lot of the “Hype” flavors that gained traction were due to crafty marketing, and overly-sweetened recipes. Vapers would love the flavors, but after a full bottle they would quickly realize that the flavors were over-powering, and simply to sweet. We took all of this information into consideration, and truly strived to create perfect “All Day Vapes”. We designed 3 Dessert flavors, and 3 complex fruit flavors to cater to all kinds of vapors pallets and preferences. None of our flavors are over powering, or highly sweetened. They are crafted to allow vapors to be able to use them on a day to day basis, without having to switch flavors up, or take breaks. We guarantee if you purchase a bottle of Select Vape Liquids, you will be likely purchasing your next bottle as quick as you finish your first. These flavors are meant to last, and have made waves in the market as perfect “All-day Vapes”. Our nicotine is smooth, and our PG/VF ratio is the perfect balance of clouds, and throat hit. These are all of the key components that are needed to create the perfect eliquid, and things that other premium brands lack.


Just like “Hype” flavors, the industry also experienced “Hype Brands”. As mentioned above, a lot of premium brands solely relied on crafty marketing to sell their liquids. Unfortunately to this day, a lot of premium e-liquid brands continue to use irresponsible marketing tactics by showcasing “Cartoon” like branding on their labels and boxes, and focus heavy on luring consumers in with inappropriate marketing. It is our duty as a e-liquid brand to showcase responsible marketing
and professional designs to cater to our adult customers. We were lucky to already have a recognized brand and some of the best designers on our team, that creating our branding for our e-liquid felt extremely natural. Select Vape Liquids boxes, labels, and marketing materials stand out from the rest. We can assure you that our packaging and branding stands out above the rest in a retail setting, and that is a huge deal considering the thousands of E-liquid brands on the market. We like to think of our selves as the “Rockstars of Vape”.


Figuring out the price was the final component to creating the perfect E-liquid. We have seen 120ml E-liquid bottles reach top tier pricing around $69.99. We are a real company, with real employees, and real expenses. Unlike these blow out “Hype” brands that are selling their liquid for $15.00 a bottle, we are providing more across the board. Better flavors, better packaging, more perks, and truly perfected flavors. Majority of the premium 120ml bottles we sold on our website ranged from $39.99 – $59.99. We wanted to offer a superior product, at a fraction of the cost. Keeping all of the perks in mind (Retail box, 30ml Travel bottle, flavor card, etc..) we think that we have truly perfected the price for a 120ml premium e-liquid line at $29.99 USD. This allows customers to purchase at a comfortable price point, and receive a e-liquid that trumps the rest. This price point also allows our retailers to make a competitive profit, and constantly have a “Best Seller” due to the quality, and price point.